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In its current wording, Law No. 37 of October 3, 1981, provides for Portuguese nationality and its requirements for its concession, whether by acquisition or attribution.


Who is entitled to apply for Portuguese Nationality?

  • The foreigner minor or incapable, whose mother or father has acquired Portuguese nationality after his/her birth
  • The foreigner married for more than three years to a Portuguese national or who has lived in civil partnership for more than three years with a Portuguese national
  • The foreigner who, having been Portuguese, has lost his nationality as a minor or incapable, by way of declaration from the person who represented him
  • The foreigner fully adopted by a Portuguese national, after the date of entry into force of Nationality Law No. 37/81 of 3 October
  • To foreigners who are of age or emancipated under Portuguese law, who have been legally residing in the Portuguese territory for at least five years (e.g.: residence permit, ARI, Golden Visa)
  • Minors born in Portuguese territory, children of foreigners
  • Individuals who have had Portuguese nationality and who, having lost it, have never acquired another nationality
  • Individuals born in the Portuguese territory, children of foreigners, who have habitually remained here in the 10 years immediately preceding the application
  • To the descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews or from the Iberian Peninsula, by demonstrating the tradition of belonging to a Sephardic community of Portuguese or Iberian Peninsula origin, based on proven objective requirements of connection to Portugal, namely surnames, family language, direct or collateral offspring
  • The foreigner adopted entirely by a Portuguese national, by decision final before the entry into force of Nationality Law No 37/81 of 3 October


After the prior analysis of the fulfilment of the necessary requirements for this purpose, as well as the possession of the essential and indispensable documentation, our office will begin the process of obtaining Portuguese nationality, with unique support in all phases of the process, from the submission of the Application to the competent Registry to the final decision.

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