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In October 2012 the Portuguese Government, by the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved the legislation that changed the legal regime on the entry and stay of foreigners in National territory, enabling foreign citizens (third countries) which aren’t members of the European Union, to obtain a special residence permit, called “GOLDEN VISA” allowing foreign investors to travel, work and invest in countries of the “Schengen” area.

Holders will be entitled to family reunification, access to permanent residence permit, as well as, after the time and assumptions are elapsed, the Portuguese nationality.

In order to obtain the Golden Visa one must:

  1. Purchase a property of the amount of 500.000,00€ or higher;
  2. Convey to Portugal, capital funds of an amount equal to or higher than EUR 1 million, which can be invested in companies (firms) in Portugal or with legal representation in Portugal;
  3. Make an investment that will lead to the creation of a minimum of 10 jobs.

Requirements relating to the applicant:

  1. Inexistence of conviction for a crime that is punishable in Portugal with a prison sentence for more than one year;
  2. Not being within the period of prohibition of entry into national territory, following to a banishment measure of the Country;
  3. Inexistence of indication in the information System of Schegen;
  4. Inexistence of indication on the integrated information system of the Portuguese Foreigners and Border Service for the purposes of no admission of entry (for example,  any negative record regarding the applicant).

To obtain this residence permit entails an investment of a minimum of 5 years.

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