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Living and Retiring Overseas Post Coronavirus - Three Top Options

"Considered from a post-crisis perspective, where in the world will offer the best options for repositioning yourself overseas? Diversifying your lifestyle and your investment portfolio to embrace the many opportunities our world continues to offer is a more important agenda than it's ever been. The way to make sure you're prepared for whatever tomorrow brings is to expand where you spend your time and your money so you’re not at the mercy of any single government, economy, marketplace, or currency.", we can read on the news.

With the big questions about life and what we can take better advantage of in this moment of crisis, the magazine chooses three destinations where "it can enhance health, self-resilience and the community".

The Algarve region in Portugal is the first choice. It chooses, the tranquillity, the climate, the security, the good infrastructures, the health of international standards, the beaches, the golf, the cost of living, the language, the healthy life and the benefits of the pensioners, with the advantage of being able to live in Portugal with around 1,300 euros per month.

"Portugal offers the most user-friendly residency option in the Euro-zone.", is written.

In addition to Portugal, Mazatlan in Mexico and Cayo i Belize follow.



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