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We conduct with seriousness, and in order to secure and protect the interests of our Clients, the qualified procedure of «DUE DILIGENCE», which includes:

  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney;
  • Obtaining the Portuguese tax payer number;
  • Opening of a Bank Account
  • Accompaniment throughout the negotiation process;
  • Preparation of an Estimate of  all costs and charges arising from Purchase;
  • Collecting  from the competent entities  and analysis of all documentation with respect to the Property;
  • Rapport;
  • Our services provide translations of key documents and contracts;
  • Preparation of the Promissory Contract of Purchase and Sale and, if necessary, signing it;
  • Preparation of the draft of the Definitive Agreement minutes and booking  the respective Deed of Purchase and Sale;
  • Registration of the Acquisition Right on the Property at the Registration office.
  • We will also act as Custodians of all legal documentation referring to the Property.

And, as part of our experience in the welfare of our clients, we also provide a set of services after the Deed, in which:

  • We represent and hire, on behalf of our clients and in accordance with their needs and instructions, public and private services such as water, light, gas, telephone, television, insurance.

In short, we guarantee our clients the provision of the highest standards of quality as this is a premise by which we base ourselves.

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